Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Having made the decision to pursue my goal of becoming a successful writer I now have some decisions to make.  The first thing I need to do is decide what I mean by successful. 

Should I go straight for the gold and only consider myself truly successful if I manage to publish a piece of work that brings me world fame and untold fortunes?

Perhaps my goal for success would be easier to obtain if my goal was a little less lofty and consider myself successful when I manage to finish my first manuscript.

I could also aim for somewhere in the middle and count my success when such a time comes where a piece of my work generates enough income to keep me in beer and cigarettes.

Maybe I’ll just sit back, work on my craft, and celebrate the small victories that come with the joy of achieving short term goals and reaching a milestone from time to time.

What ever the definition I choose; I know that I’m in for one, long strange trip and there will be times when it will be so dark that I will barley see.  I also know that if I stick to my guns and keep on keeping on…there will be times when the lights will shine upon me…


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