Saturday, July 23, 2011

Free Anti-Virus Software

So you're considering a free anti-virus program for Microsoft?

When it comes to anti-virus protection you get what you pay for.  I've seen too many cases of people with viral infections because of the free anti-virus programs that they use.

The best way to avoid getting infected is to practice abstinence.  If you don't dip your finger in the water it can't get wet.  Avoid downloading and do not, I repeat, DO NOT open email attachments from unsolicited sources which can still be a crap shoot (sharing needles with someone who doesn't know they're infected).

If you have to dip you finger in the water then wear a glove.  Just make sure it doesn't have any holes.  In other words, keep your AV software up to date.

I ask you this: Would you pickup a pair of gloves from the side of the road and actually trust them to keep your finger dry?  NO!  You would go to the store and buy a brand new pair of gloves for your very own.

Save your pennies and invest in an AV program from a reputable company.  They are in it for the money and it will be an expensive investment but one worth making.  They are on top of the game and will help keep you safe.  

So what happens if you’re a lot like me and still want to dip your finger into the pool but don't want to wear or can’t afford to buy gloves?  The water may look clean but you can't tell by looking so I would have to tell you to protect yourself by making your pool next to impossible to become infected.

In other words, get your self a Mac or install a copy of Linux on your PC and enjoy the freedom of freely dipping your hand into the pool as much as you please.  Viruses are still possible but are a lot less likely to occur.  They also have AV software that can be installed to give you a 99% chance of remaining virus free.

So free AV software for Microsoft?  It's better than dipping your finger into a pool of dirty water.

Read more about the history of Linux Viruses here:

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